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The Tree Trimming was a success, completed prior to our big 4th of July Parade. Luis Casas was so efficient, it looks great and best of all, they and we had no complaints.

The Palisades Chrysalis team can be seen in the Palisades on Mondays and Fridays. They are wearing white shirts with the two organization's logos on the sleeves, and bright orange vests with both logos on the back.  Please stop to say hello to them, and welcome them to our village.  

Because of their incredible work success, Chrysalis is hired by many other local BIDs.  We are very satisfied customers!.

Established in 1991, Chrysalis Enterprises is a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating a pathway to self-sufficiency for homeless and low-income individuals by providing the resources and support needed to find and retain employment.  (

Our mandate is to provide services to the district within these boundaries.

The official boundaries for the BID are: Beginning on the northwest corner of Monument Street and Swarthmore Avenue go south on Monument Street to Bashford Street. At Bashford Street, turn east along northern parcel line of 4423-017-024. Turn south along the eastern parcel line of 4423-017-024 and parcels facing west on Monument Street and Sunset Boulevard. Go west on the southern parcel line of 4423-017-026 across Sunset Boulevard to 4411-001-019. Go west along the southern parcel line of 4411-001-019 across Alma Real Drive to 4412-009-014. Head south along eastern parcel line of 4412-009-014, then go west along the southern parcel line of 4412-009-014. Turn north along the western parcel line of 4412-009-014. Go west along the southern parcel lines of parcels facing south on La Cruz Drive. Go across Swarthmore Avenue and west along Bowdoin Street to Via de la Paz. Turn north along the western parcel line of parcels facing west on Via de la Paz then head west along the southern parcel line of 4412-004-025. Turn north along the west parcel line of 4412-004-025 and continue north to Antioch Street. At Antioch Street go west along the southern parcel line of 4412-001-017, then north along the western parcel line of 4412-001-017. Cross Sunset Boulevard to the western parcel line of 4422-022-015. Turn east along the northern parcel line of 4422-022-015 and continue east northern parcel line of parcels facing south on Sunset Boulevard to Swarthmore Avenue. Turn north along the northern parcel lines of parcels facing southeast along Swarthmore Avenue to the northwest corner of Monument Street and Swarthmore Avenue.


 Chrysalis cleans our Village BID on Mondays and Fridays for 7 hours with 2 sweepers and a supervisor. We are grateful for this partnership with Chrysalis for keeping our business district clean. Chrysalis did a Power Wash of the sidewalks the week of July 15th. We have asked them to focus on removing the gum and will do another power wash soon to work on that problem. Removing gum is time consuming but it needs to be done.

2019 YTD cleanup information from Chrysalis:

Board of Directors

​​Map of Pacific Palisades Business Improvement District

Pacific Palisades Task Force on Homeless

BAGS OF TRASH                             1,582

POUNDS OF TRASH                      36,386

GRAFFITI TAGS REMOVED                     3

BULK ITEMS PICKED UP                      30


Pacific Palisades Chamber of Commerce Office

15330 Antioch Street, Pacific Palisades, CA 90272

9:00 AM
Wednesday, February 5 - Wednesday, April 1 - Wednesday, June 3

Wednesday, August 5 - Wednesday, October 7

Wednesday, December 2 Annual Meeting

All property and business owners are welcome to join us.

We need new board members and welcome you!

Our agendas will continue to be posted 72 hours prior to the meeting at the Chamber of Commerce office.