We have printed and are distributing some beautiful, free, in-store posters that are available to all businesses in our district encouraging people to shop, dine and use the services available in our district.  You and/or your tenants may request them by calling Laurie at (424) 256-5733 or email her at: laurie@palisadesbid.org


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Trespass Arrest Authorization Form

LA City Approves Pilot Program for Pacific Palisades

Dear Maryam,
Our effort to improve how parking is managed in Los Angeles is moving forward, and

the latest development will mean more money for transportation improvements in

Pacific Palisades.
The city recently approved a pilot program that is designed to keep the money spent at

parking meters in the neighborhood where the money is generated. Under the pilot

program, 15% of the revenue from parking meters in designated business improvement

district areas will go to the BID, so decisions about how best to use money from meters

to improve local transportation can be made by people in the neighborhood.
I am very happy to report that Pacific Palisades will be one of three areas where this

pilot program will be launched, meaning that a minimum of $50,000 - and likely more -

will be available for the Pacific Palisades BID to spend on local mobility improvements,

like street and sidewalk repairs, wayfinding signage, or on streetscape and community

beautification efforts. The BID, which is made up of local businesses, will be responsible for engaging local stakeholders to decide which local improvements are best for Pacific Palisades.
The idea for this reform is one part of my parking reform effort, which also includes efforts to make it easier to find parking when you need it, and to keep fines fair. You can read more about the rest of my parking reform work here.
Thank you to the Pacific Palisades BID for being an early and eager partner in launching this pilot program. I am very excited for Pacific Palisades to help show that keeping parking revenue local will result in real improvements to our neighborhood business districts.
If you have any questions about the pilot program or my parking reform work, please contact my Transportation Director Eric Bruins at eric.bruins@lacity.org.
Councilmember, 11th District

The PALISADES NEWS helped spread the word about the NO TRESPASS forms for business and property owners.  If you haven’t sent yours in yet, please do. 


Please fill out one of these forms for each property you own, and ask that tenant to do the same.  We have been asked by the WLA Police Department to have one of these on file for every property/business in the Palisades.  It allows officers to move and/or arrest unwanted people lurking, sleeping or otherwise loitering in front of your property.  With this in hand, especially at night when most of the businesses are closed, the police have your authorization to remove people from your property.  Loiterers often say that they have the owner’s/business owner’s permission to be there, but having this document on file, will help stop this practice.    Please print out the form, fill it in, date it, and either email it to Officer Michael Moore at 27995@lapd.online  or to: info@palisadesbid.org and it will be forwarded to Officer Moore.  This is very important, and we hope you will take the time to protect your property and the tenants in them.

Palisades BID Posters Encourage You To Shop Local!