Palisades BID Posters Encourage You To Shop Local!

We have printed and are distributing some beautiful, free, in-store posters that are available to all businesses in our district encouraging people to shop, dine and use the services available in our district.  You and/or your tenants may request them by calling Laurie at (424) 256-5733 or email her at:


                    Poster #1                                           Poster #2                                         Poster #3

The Pacific Palisades BID (Business Improvement District) will provide pressure washing for the sidewalks within its district. The pressure washing will start on November 1, 2016, right after the sticky, gooey Halloween holiday is over. The power washing will take place overnight between the hours of 9PM and 7AM, Monday-Saturday, terminating at 5AM on Saturday, November5th, in the morning. The power wash company complies with all city ordinances and uses biodegradable detergents, to remove stains, dirt, grime, urine stains, gum, bird droppings and soil that saturates the concrete. The equipment used is 3500psi and heats the water to 200 degrees Fahrenheit to get rid of harmful substances..They supply their own water and waste water is recycled, and all equipment is E.P.A. compliant. This cleaning is a revitalization and improvement of the walkways in the district.  For any questions, please contact: Laurie ((424) 256-5733 or email her at:

Trespass Arrest Authorization Form

The PALISADES NEWS helped spread the word about the NO TRESPASS forms for business and property owners.  If you haven’t sent yours in yet, please do. 

Palisades BID Mail

An Open Letter to Councilman Mike Bonin, from the Board of Directors, Pacific Palisades BID

July 6, 2016

Mike Bonin, Councilmember, CD11 
City Hall Office
200 N. Spring St., #475
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Dear Mike,

On behalf of the Pacific Palisades BID, we would like to tell you how pleased we are with all the help and support we have received from Sharon Shapiro.

Needless to say, we are EXTREMELY THANKFUL for Sharon's follow through in securing some financial assistance from CD 11, but we are equally delighted with the new LAPD Bike Patrol, who we are told, would not be in the Palisades without Sharon's help. Sharon's ongoing participation with the homeless population, and her quick and helpful responses to the BID's questions and needs is terrific. She is ALWAYS eager to participate in our meetings and projects, and we love her smile and outgoing personality!

We know how often the Council offices receive negative letters, but this is just the opposite: we wanted you and Sharon to know how much we appreciate her!!!

We look forward to Sharon's continued enthusiasm and input.  And we look forward to all the wonderful things you are doing as our councilperson!!!!

Laurie Sale
Laurie Sale
Executive Director,
Pacific Palisades Business Improvement District
(424) 256-5733

The LAPD has provided the Palisades with two new officers on bikes.  Now, in addition to the amazing LAPD Senior Lead Officer, Michael Moore, we are so happy to welcome the two new bike officers to the Palisades, Officer Rusty Redican and Officer Quenten Blanton.  They have come to our monthly meetings, really understand our mission and show great interest in what we are doing in the District. We look forward to working with them. Be sure to say hello, pick up their business cards, and thank them, and Officer Michael Moore, for all that they do.

The Pacific Palisades BID hosted a THANK YOU LUNCHEON for our local police and fire departments. Other community appreciation was shown to  Chrysalis, members of the OPCC homeless task force, etc.  The wonderfully yummy event was held at Il Piccolo Ritrovo Restaurant at Sunset and Via De La Paz. We thank Nando Silvestri and his restaurant partner, Tarcisio Masconi, for the delicious buffet they served. It was a wonderful event that we hope to host again next year.

Happy, Safe and Peaceful New Year to everyone!!!

For years, neighborhood leaders like Laurie Sale, Elliot Zorensky, Susan Carroll and the Pacific Palisades Chamber of Commerce worked diligently with both me and my predecessor to establish a BID, so we can collectively work to make the commercial heart of the Pacific Palisades an even better place to work, shop and enjoy. I am incredibly excited that the BID launched earlier this year and I am incredibly grateful for the hard work of so many neighbors to get this done. 

Already, the Palisades BID has helped improve the community, hiring Chrysalis Los Angeles to clean-up our streets and sidewalks. I am especially pleased that the BID is working with a Chrysalis - a great organization that hires and trains formerly homeless individuals so they can get back on their feet as they do important work beautifying neighborhoods. Through this partnership with Chrysalis, the BID is not only improving the Palisades, but it is improving the lives of the people working in our neighborhood. This is a win-win. 

Small businesses like the ones that comprise the BID are an invaluable backbone to our neighborhoods. They not only create jobs and help customers live their lives, but small businesses also give communities character. I have made celebrating and supporting small businesses - especially “Mom and Pop shops” - a priority in my work as a Councilmember, from my weekly “Small Business Spotlight” on social media, to my work with my colleagues and Mayor Garcetti to reform LA’s business tax so it is more fair. The work of the Palisades BID is crucial to creating a climate in the Pacific Palisades where small businesses can continue to thrive, and I am immensely proud to have played a role in helping form the BID. 

Thank you again for your tremendous work so far. I look forward to a continued partnership, where can move the Pacific Palisades forward, do good and get things done.

Mike Bonin

Councilmember, CD11 
City Hall Office
200 N. Spring St. #475
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Meet Officer John "Rusty" Redican and Officer Quentin Blanton.



Please fill out one of these forms for each property you own, and ask that tenant to do the same.  We have been asked by the WLA Police Department to have one of these on file for every property/business in the Palisades.  It allows officers to move and/or arrest unwanted people lurking, sleeping or otherwise loitering in front of your property.  With this in hand, especially at night when most of the businesses are closed, the police have your authorization to remove people from your property.  Loiterers often say that they have the owner’s/business owner’s permission to be there, but having this document on file, will help stop this practice.    Please print out the form, fill it in, date it, and either email it to Officer Michael Moore at  or you may email it to Laurie Sale, and she will forward to Officer Moore.  This is very important, and we hope you will take the time to protect your property and the tenants in them.

Officers On Bikes

Bertell Brinkley, Councilman Mike Bonin,  Anthony Mathis and  Alex Huesca (Supervisor).

Letter from Councilman Mike Bonin:

Congratulations to the Palisades Business Improvement District